How to style and wear Cape Blazer 

Get ready for a little fashion history. I love learning about the origin of things and fashion is no different. The cape blazer is a trending piece that has remained timeless, and you know we live for that. So here’s a little bit about it and some styling ideas.

Cape-blazer—a stylish garment that keeps you covered without limiting your arm movement. Originally, they came from blazers, a type of garment typically worn by men.

Blazers first pop in fashion style in the 1800s. An earlier version of the garment was thought to have originated in 1820 when a boating team at St John's College in Cambridge wore a bright sporting jacket.

Over the course of years, the blazer became women’s new attire, worn with a shirtwaist and a tailored skirt. 

Fast forward today, women are wearing colorful blazers as a fashion trend. It recently came back to popularity due to models and celebrities like Kim K. wearing a blazer over their shoulders. Although cape blazers are definitely a blazer, the sleeves are a cape, so it looks as if you are actually draping the blazer over your shoulders. 

Here are some fashion tips for you to style with your blazer:

Cape Blazer + Jeans 

In case you didn’t know, you can pull off a black or white blazer with jeans! Black is super versatile so you can pair it with anything. Also, add pointed heels to show off classy vibes.

Cape Blazer + Dress

I have seen people wear a cape blazer with a Maxi Dress and let me tell you, they absolutely nailed it! If you are opting for a casual look on a Sunday date with the girls, you can try this combination of sophistication and comfy.

Cape Blazer + Mini short/skorts

I know you’ve been told to wear a jacket with mini skirts or skorts to make your legs give the illusion that they’re longer. If you’re not blessed with height (don’t worry you’re still beautiful,darling) you can create this illusion by wearing this chic and neat combination of cape blazer and skort. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Cape Blazer + Jumpsuit

If you wanna look classy but lowkey sexy, you can opt for a black jumpsuit and a cape blazer, like a cherry on top. Confidently go to work or on a formal date night wearing this outfit and channel your inner goddess. This will surely make an impression.

Cape Blazer +  Midi Dress

Going to an after party or a formal event? Get that Midi dress in your closet out and pair it with a nice black or white cape blazer. Don’t forget the minimalist clutch bag!

Cape Blazer + Black Leather Pants

Lastly, the style I personally prefer--black vegan leather pants. If you want to look ‘classy & sexy’ without showing too much skin, leather pants will never let you down. Not only can they make you look more stylish, but they can also give you a 'BOSS BABE' look without overdoing it.

To think you can pull all of these off with just one cape blazer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors too! Mauve is the new black. Feel free to mix and match outfits and style comfortably.


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How to style and wear Cape Blazer 

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